Long Neck Vase: Tuxedo Cat Vase


LONG NECK VASE- This ceramic vase is based on our best-selling cat pillow. To ensure a high-quality product, this adorable vase has been carefully hand-painted with attention to the smallest detail.

Cats’ body temperature tends to be warmer than ours and they need to maintain homeostasis, just as we do. Therefore, they nuzzle in next to our heads on the pillow for some added warmth. Having a soft and comfy pillow is also appealing to cats as it is comfortable. And if your cat is a large breed, like a British shorthair or Maine coon, a bigger bed is always better. Choose natural materials to start: Cats have sensitive noses, so opt for natural materials, such as cotton, wool, or unbleached bedding, which breathe better than synthetic and may have fewer chemical odors.

For each purchase you will also receive CBD oil for cats in order to make them sleep better. As long as it is a full-spectrum oil and contains less than 0.3% THC, it should be safe for your pet. You should, however, make sure you’re giving your kitty a much lower dosage of CBD than what you would give to a human since it will take much less to affect your pet than it will for you. All in all, by alleviating issues that are possibly at the root of the issue, such as health issues, stress, and anxiety, CBD can help improve your cat’s mood-related disorders as well as symptoms related to other health issues.

LIMITED EDITION                                                                                                                                                                                  
Size: 4.25″W x 6″H x 3.5″D
Materials: Ceramic
Shipping: $3.95

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